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NVC Memorial Hall

The historic NVC Hall has served as a Japanese American community center since the 1950s. It has always been thought to be a “living museum”

Visitors can go through a self-guided tour of the hall, or they can arrange for a private/group tour. Most tours take between 60-90 minutes. There is no fee and they are led by volunteer docents.

The tour includes information on the following displays:

  • Pre-War, The Beginning
  • The Internment Experience, The Forced Confinement Room
  • The Medal of Honor Room, The Military Museum
  • Post-War, Returning from War and the formation of the NVC and building of the hall
  • Memorial Wall, Honoring The Veterans of all Conflicts and World War II Internees

For additional tours, group tours, and other information, please visit our PROGRAM REQUEST FORM or email INFO@NVCFOUNDATION.ORG.