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NVC has joined “Cup of Joe for a Joe”, a Green Beans Coffee program that allows you to thank a member of the armed forces for their service with a hot, fresh cup of Green Beans Coffee and a personal message at over three dozen overseas bases where Green Beans Coffee has an outlet.

Here are some of the messages the NVC has received from Troops wanting to thank you for sending them a Cup of Joe!

Thank you for thinking of us over here, the support from our fellow citizens is very important for us and this was a great way to start my day.

          CW4 Dombrowski serving in Kuwait

Thank you so much for thinking of people like me. It means a lot. God bless.

          Lauren serving in Qatar

Thanks for your support and generosity.

          Josh serving in Kuwait

I got the coffee, thank you!

          Sgt Collazo serving in Djibouti

Thank you for the COJ.

          Service member serving in Iraq

That’s very generous of you, we all appreciate your support out there. Thank you.

          Service member serving in Iraq

I appreciate your gift and thank you for your support! Many thanks to you!

          1st Lt Warhol, USAF serving in Qatar

Thank you very much for your support and the gift of a cup of Joe.

          Service member serving in Qatar

Acknowledgements also received from service members serving in:

Iraq, Kuwait

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To send your own Cup of Joe, go to: