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On Saturday, May 27, Memorial Day weekend, members of Pack and Troop 252 from the Seattle Betsuin Temple continued a long tradition of placing US Flags on the graves of our Nisei Veterans at Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery.  Most of the veterans buried in the cemetery were members of the 442nd RCT and MIS during WW II. This has been an annual event for the Scouts and over 300 flags were placed at the grave sites.  

The event was directed by Craig Omoto who organized and mapped the graves to expedite the placing of the flags. Craig commented on the Scouts’ participation, saying “The simple act of putting out flags at Evergreen-Washelli on Memorial Day weekend is an important tradition to remember those who served and sacrificed for our country. The placing of the hundreds of flags is only possible with the faithful help of the Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and their leaders and parents.”

NVC would like to thank the Scouts and their leaders, Scoutmaster Cory Murata and Cubmaster Katherine Brownlee, for placing of the flags.   NVC participants included Walt Tanimoto, Mike Yaguchi, Sheila and Craig Omoto, and Dale and Shiz Kaku.

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