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The Puyallup Valley JACL is building the “Puyallup Assembly Center” Remembrance Gallery, which will tell the story of the Nikkei in Washington State who were removed or otherwise affected by Executive Order 9066 during WWII. To encourage a more complete understanding of the incarceration, information about all the temporary centers and 10 permanent camps will be included.

The Gallery will be a unique combination of a memorial and historical experience. Over 7,600 names of Japanese and Japanese Americans who were all wrongfully incarcerated on the Puyallup Fairgrounds will permanently be displayed.  Through the latest technology in interactive and immersive media design, the Gallery will bring to life personal stories and in-depth content, allow for larger amounts of information, and make it possible to continuously be updated.  Visitors will experience the sights, sounds, and smells of a replica 1942 horse stall living quarters in order to better understand those living conditions.

The WA State Fair, which attracts over a million visitors annually, has provided Puyallup Valley JACL space under their historical Grandstand, which is part of the original confinement site. The Gallery is planned to open May 2024 with a fundraising goal of $1.85 million. The campaign kicked off last September at the Fair and to date over $300,000 has been raised. Puyallup Valley JACL has applied for grants and continues to apply for additional funding while reaching out to the Japanese American community, the community at large, and potential corporate sponsors. Our Honorary Co-Chairs are Bill Weyerhaeuser and Frank & Penny Fukui.

For years to come, the Remembrance Gallery will serve as a visual reminder of this injustice. We strive to honor our beloved family and friends who were innocent and loyal people wrongly imprisoned, to educate the public, and to highlight that what happened over 80 years ago echoes in the inequities and racial prejudices happening now.

For questions, contact Sharon Sobie Seymour, Project Manager at SSPROEVENTS@COMCAST.NET.

To donate, ensure correct spelling and name inclusion, or learn more, please visit: HTTPS://WWW.PUYALLUPVALLEYJACL.ORG/ABOUT-4