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During the early morning hours on September 10, 2022, a group of veterans gathered for a very special journey to our Nation’s capital to visit the Memorials and Museums dedicated to honoring and acknowledging the sacrifices and achievements of our military veterans. The Honor Flight program is a national organization that has sent over 222,133 veterans on this cathartic journey since 2005.  I was very fortunate and honored to take part in the Puget Sound Honor Flight (PSHF) program along with fellow veterans.  Others in our group included 1- WWII veteran, 8- Korean War veterans, 37- Vietnam & Vietnam Era veterans and 2 Korean War/Vietnam veterans.

The PSHF program included round trip airfare from Sea-Tac (compliments of PSHF and Alaska Airlines), hotel accommodation at the BWI Hilton Hotel, meals, and ground transportation.  All of this is at no cost to the veteran.

The daily activities consisted of a hearty breakfast buffet to start the day and later visits to the World War II Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial and Vietnam War Memorial, FDR Memorial, Navy Memorial/Museum, Military Women’s Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery to witness the Changing of the Guards, Marine Corps Memorial, and finally a visit to the Air Force Memorial.  As you can see, we were kept very busy, however our time in D.C. seemed to fly by.  For me personally, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to reflect on years gone by and share experiences with those veterans who had like experiences.  Although we served in different branches of service and at different times, it was evident that we all held a special “Band of Brothers” feeling that can only be felt by veterans.

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I want to thank all the dedicated volunteers of the Puget Sound Honor Flight organization.  Their mission of making the veteran feel comfortable and taken care of was appreciated and apparent in everything they did for us.  An example of their commitment to the veteran occurred on the plane coming home when we had a “mail call”.  Unbeknownst to the veterans, the PSHF staff compiled a packet of cards, letters and well wishes from folks in the community.  My packet consisted of cards from local students thanking us for our service.  It was very touching and much appreciated.

The Honor Flight Network recognizes American veterans for their sacrifices and achievements. The PSHF aims to serve all veterans willing and able to make the trip to our Nation’s Capital.

The Puget Sound Honor Flight (PSHF) is now accepting applications from Vietnam veterans.  Priority still goes to WWII and Korean War veterans, but as space becomes available the PSHF will be looking at Vietnam veterans’ applications.

Visit the Puget Sound Honor Flight web page to complete the application process:  HTTP://PUGETSOUNDHONORFLIGHT.ORG/