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Eleven Summer research fellows from the National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR) met with retired senior naval flag officers and members of the NVC Executive Council at NVC Memorial Hall to discuss various topics on the US-Japan Security Treaty and the WWII Nisei soldier experience.

Established in 1989, the NBR is an institution to study and inform public policy on Asia in both the private and public sectors.  NBR engages policymakers looking for reliable Asia expertise through sustained interaction with high-trust, nonpartisan settings.

Vice Admiral (Ret) Barry Costello, former commander of Third Fleet; Rear Admiral (Ret) Jamie Kelly, former commander of Naval Forces, Japan; Dale Watanabe, Executive Director, Japan America Society of the State of Washington; Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Gregg Takamura, US Army Corps of Engineers, Japan; and Lt Col (Ret) Mike Yaguchi, former Headquarters, US Forces, Japan, and Fifth Air Force entertained a variety of questions about historical and current US-Japan relations, the role of China’s rising influence in the US Indo-Pacific Command area of responsibility and the pressures on economic policy throughout the region.

The group toured the Hall and discussed the WWII Nisei experience in Greater Seattle.

NBR’s Mr. Dylan Plung, Project Manager of Next Generation and Fellowship Programs, reported back and said, “…this [sic] visit was one of the most informative, insightful – and meaningful —  ‘site visits’ we have conducted this year.”

Plans are already underway for next year.