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Honoring the past and educating the future with more than 60 speaker series and 100 hours of video.

This website provides access to videos, images, documents and much more that help convey and educate about the Japanese American experience and our history.

Featured collections can be found and the entire set can be searched on the “Archives” page linked at the bottom.

In addition to this website, a kiosk was added to the NVC Memorial Hall so that visitors may easily view the content while attending an event or otherwise at the historic building.

About this project

This website was planned and completed by the Speaker Series committee of the NVC Foundation. The Speaker Series was a monthly, Saturday evening event held at the NVC Memorial Hall and presented a variety of people sharing and reflecting on their personal experiences.

Among the many topics that were presented at the Speaker Series included personal stories of life changing events during the WWII years from incarceration to military service, interesting occupation settings or unique travel experiences, and more.

The Speaker Series has proven to be a very popular series, attracting capacity crowds to attend the program. The program was provided at no charge, and light refreshments were served after the presentation.

The goal of this website is to make those Speaker Series available online for access anywhere in the world at anytime, so the experiences of the individuals and groups presenting can reach a wider audience, preserve history, and educate future generations about the Japanese American legacy.

Questions, comments, and suggestions can be sent to info@nvcfoundation.org.