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After the installation of the fencing and automatic gate around our Hall and parking lot, the landscaping has been overlooked for the past two years.  While the parking lot appeared clean, the bamboo plants had overgrown the sidewalks and planter boxes.  The fencing enclosing the Memorial Wall also masked the plant and tree growth and the bird droppings on the Memorial Wall bricks. 

A call went out, and 15 volunteers arrived at 9 am, August 13, to help clean up around the Hall and parking lot. The volunteers immediately began trimming the bamboo plants along the King Street sidewalk and planter boxes at the entrance to the NVC Hall and parking lot.   Scott Sakagami cleaned the overgrowth under the pine tree at the Hall entrance with his power hedger.  He returned later to add some herbicide to stunt the growth of the bamboo and weeds. Junior Nagaki brought his pressure washer and cleaned the wooden fence on the east edge of the parking lot. The Hall interior was not cleaned because of the pending kitchen remodeling.

The graffiti at the parking lot entrance was removed, although we were tagged again the next day. Shawn Brinsfield helped to replace the roof top HVAC air filters with COVID quality filters.

Jay Deguchi enlisted his son Shane and his friends, Russell Nguyen and Brandon Fukano, to trim the bamboo in the parking lot planter box, trim the bamboo near the Memorial Wall, and wash the bricks on the Memorial Wall.  The trees near the Wall were also trimmed to allow plenty of room for visitors viewing the bricks.

The warm and sunny day allowed us to complete the cleanup in approximately two hours.  The volunteers all enjoyed a hot dog, chili, chips, and sliced melons lunch prepared by Shiz Kaku.  Commander Mike Yaguchi showed his appreciation by presenting the volunteers with our prestigious NVC Challenge Coin.

NVC thanks the following volunteers for spending their Sunday morning to clean and maintain the NVC Hall, Memorial Wall and parking lot:  Michael Bayne, Shawn Brinsfield, Jay Deguchi, Shane Deguchi, Brandon Fukano, Dean Hoshizaki, Steve Ikeda, Shiz Kaku, Frank Kiuchi, Junior Nagaki, Russell Nguyen, Scott Sakagami, Stan Shikuma, Mike Yaguchi, and Josh Yoon.

NVC Clean-Mike+Shiz
NVC Clean-Shawn Brinsfield