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I would like to first thank Shawn Brinsfield for his dedication and service as NVC Foundation President last year.  His guidance and support have been greatly appreciated.  I would also like to thank Mike Yaguchi for all he has done in carrying NVC forward and welcome incoming commander Dale Watanabe. 

I would especially like to thank all of you, the general membership, for your continued support and shared belief that the NVC and Foundation remain critical components to our history, our community, and our legacy.

Over the last few years, I have received many questions.  What is the difference between the NVC and the Foundation?  Who should I donate to?  Does it matter where the money goes?  Are they the same thing? 

To be honest, after two years on the board these questions are not so clear to me either.   The foundation was set up initially as a non-profit and as an instrument to receive funds and matching funds for the parking lot campaign.  The NVC owns and controls the building, and the foundation owns the parking lot and memorial wall.  Both have been coexisting as separate entities…but remain extremely dependent on each other.

The Foundation is at a critical juncture.  We have been struggling to understand what our true role is and if we are necessary and relevant.  In this next year we hope to clarify this.  We also hope to engage the next generation and listen to their ideas and thoughts. There must be a mutual desire to keep this going as they are the critical component to sustainability of our future.

So many Japanese American organizations have had difficulties through the pandemic.  Due to past leadership, the NVC and Foundation have fared much better and are able to be an impactful part of the community again.

I am optimistic for the future of the Foundation and remain open minded for any new direction the membership and next generation may have.

Stay tuned.