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Dear Members:

Spring is upon us and marks a time of new growth and change. The days are getting longer, and the cherry blossom trees will begin blooming.  

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My final message as I transition out of the role of President is to offer a sincere thank you to those who either served with me, volunteered, or made contributions this past year. I’m grateful for the trust and confidence you placed in me. It has been a rewarding experience and has sharpened my awareness of how the organization makes progress.  

Your board of directors remains focused on the Foundation’s future. We have a remarkable new leader in Shawn Brinsfield, who has served on the board for two years and is committed to lead this organization. Expect great things from him and your Board of Directors in the year ahead.

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the outstanding contributions of the leadership we received from the board this past year. These volunteers dedicated their valuable time and skills in service to the organization.

Thank you to outgoing Recording Secretary Bryan Imanishi — and a big congratulations on his marriage – as well as Bev Kashino, Alex Higa, Danielle Higa, and Judi Masuda for their valuable contributions. The organization is grateful for the service and time they have provided being a board member.

Individually we all contribute to the success of the organization and ultimately are responsible for the change we facilitate in the JA community we serve.

Thank you for your support this past year. I wish you and your families a prosperous 2023 and hope to see you in the coming years.


Geri Lynne Egeler