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The gates to the parking lot have been installed and are fully operational. Feedback from members and guests of the hall that have expressed their appreciation for the improvements in safety and security.

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Drugs and other criminal activity continue to be a burden on our neighborhood. As businesses and organizations such as ours increase our activity after the pandemic, we are finding that our neighborhood has been disproportionally impacted by the conditions of our streets. For example, the King County Council recently approved a homeless shelter to address a regional level problem by building the solution in our neighborhood. (See King 5 report, ‘Left in the dark’: Chinatown-International District business owner frustrated over lack of input in shelter expansion  at: HTTPS://WWW.KING5.COM/ARTICLE/NEWS/LOCAL/HOMELESS/SEATTLE-HOMELESS-SHELTER-EXPANSION-CHINATOWN-INTERNATIONAL-DISTRICT/281-43C83068-0470-4343-8689-3D87A0F4CA09 )

As we transition from summer into early fall, one of the events that I am excited about is Japan Week at Bellevue College. The event will span history, film, tradition and culture, food, and so much more. The Foundation will contribute our own booth designed to provide educational information about the legacy of the NVC on September 24 from 10AM to 5PM on the Bellevue College Campus.