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This month, I am pleased to start my term as the NVC Foundation President.  My family, the Nakao’s, were incarcerated at Tule Lake when they were released early on a work program to a farm in Oregon. My Uncle Yuzo Tokita is a Nisei Veteran who enlisted in the Vietnam war era around 1960 as a fighter pilot.

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The excitement and expectations are high with a full slate of 6 Officers and 13 Board Members leading the NVC Foundation for this year.  Our leadership team reflects both experienced Board members, returning members, and a new wave of younger Yonsei members who represent the bright future of our organization.

We’ve known that sooner or later the Yonsei and younger generations would come to lead our organization, and this transition is happening now.

To assure that we are all starting off in a positive direction, I have organized a Board orientation to discuss roles and responsibilities, as well as the initial projects we hope to jump into right away.  One such project is the additional security fencing project where the Foundation is working hand in hand with the NVC to assure the safety of our people and property.  This is a high priority issue that we hope to kick off right away.

In closing, I’d like to thank Denise Inaba, Susan Uyeji, Kerry Taniguchi, Greg Egeler, Craig Yamane, and outgoing President David Fukuhara for their hard work and service on the Foundation Board last year.  They will all remain active members of the Foundation and we appreciate their support.

Our upcoming Membership meetings are on Fridays at 7:30 pm, first on March 25 and next on April 29, 2022.  Both meetings will be conducted on a hybrid basis, for our members to tune in virtually online or to come down in person for the meeting, with food and drink afterwards.

So, please join us and the NVC Foundation for the start of an exciting new year of renewed events and activities!