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General Donation
Boeing Employees Employee Matching Fund (Blackbaud Giving Fund)
   Leslie Kitamura
   David Suguro
   Ray Nomura

In Appreciation of the Nisei Lunch Program
Harry Taniguchi, Jr

In Appreciation of Keith and Mary Ann Yamaguchi and the Nisei Lunch Program
Fusako Akimoto
Kim Akimoto

In Memory of Arthur and Kay Abe
Norman Abe

In Memory of George Kozu
Lynne Okazaki
Margene Omoto

In Memory of John Matsudaira
Robert and Sandy Timmer

In Memory of George Minata in 2023
Sydnee Snowden

In Memory of Yosh and Flo Teshima
Anne Shinoda Mettler

In Memory of George, Charlotte, and Mark Yamane
Jeff and Susie Yamane

In Memory of Don Yukio Yoshida
Paul Kogita