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Thank you all for volunteering your time to make pies, donate baked goods, and sell bakery items for the Chow Mein Dinner!  Truly a success, especially since we used Matsue Watanabe’s special pie crust! Our gross sales topped $5000 with donations; the net proceeds will go toward next year’s scholarships!!  

Special thanks to the following volunteers for their culinary and selling skills:

Frank Kiuchi, Marinda Chen, Jalen Luke, Tana Watanabe, Carol Ann Yamamoto, Michele Kenney, Todd Natsuhara, Roy MacLachlan, Ann Kumata, Nancy Yonemitsu, Danielle Higa, Kelsi Shimizu, Lillian Hayashi, Lika Seigel, Kathy Okawa, Katheryn Chinn, Gina Suguro, Janice Kunitsugu, Betty Noro Kobayashi, Joy Nishimura, Ken Harris, Greg Dea, Junior Nogaki, Nancy Nakatsu, Carol Nichols, Carla Lew, Ann Adachi

We had a wonderful variety of delicious baked goods, donated by: 

Lillian Hayashi (you really outdid yourself with your large assortment of specialty bakery!), Margaret Teramoto, Mary Ann Yamaguchi, Kris Terada, Carla Lew, Carol Nichols, Nancy Nakatsu, Joan Hall, Lauren Aratani, Betty Noro Kobayashi, Mary Ishino, Lika Seigel, Carol Narasaki, Ruth Shimano, Denise/Les Inaba, Shizuye Okimoto.

We were lucky to have returning volunteers plus many new volunteers who took time out of their busy schedules to help!

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