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General Donation
Fred S. Sakura

In Appreciation of the Nisei Lunch Volunteers
Carolyn Take

In Appreciation of the Nisei Lunches
Sadako Matsumoto
Peggy Tanemura

In Honor of Dale Kaku – Emperor’s Order of the Rising Sun Award
Bruce and Janice Abe
Les and Denise Inaba
Mako and JoAnn Okada
Peggy Tanemura
Bill Tashima

In Honor of Hiro Hiroshi Odoi and Mas Masaru Odoi, 442 RCT Twins
Steve Odoi

In Honor of Lt. Col. Michael Yaguchi
George Kiuchi

In Memory of Art Abe
Kay Kamikawa

In Memory of Joe Kamikawa
Kay Kamikawa

In Memory of George Kozu
Janice Divina
Karen F. Kato
Jerry and Charlene Lee
Peggy Tanemura

In Memory of Lucy Yoshioka Sato
Victor and Mary Ikeda

In Memory of George Takahashi
Irene Mano

In Memory of Harvey Watanabe
Kay Kamikawa