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The NVC/NVC Foundation Memorial Day Ceremony was well attended thanks to the dedication of so many of you who attended and volunteered.  This day of remembrance was personified by the presence and dedication of one of the last remaining WWII veterans, Kimitomo Muromoto.  His dedication to be there every year to remember his fallen comrades was more trying this year with his health and strength waning at age 101.  His son and daughter-in-law informed me the night before that they were not sure he would have the strength to be there in the morning.  But at 9:14 am, he arrived in uniform.  They told me that he had gotten up at 3 am to make sure he was ready and did not miss this year’s Memorial Day to remember his many fallen comrades.  He is shown here with Past Commander Mike Yaguchi, current Recording Secretary Kay Wakatake and myself.

A couple years ago, I was fortunate to get some insight.  He was visiting the hall for one of our other events and had started looking at several pictures of the local fallen soldiers in the upstairs hallway.  He stopped, turned to me and pointed to one of them with his cane. “I remember him,” he said with some sadness.  “He was one of the replacements.  He was killed the first day.”  

May 26, 2025, will be the 80th consecutive Memorial Day remembrance that the NVC will conduct.  I’ve talked to several people who believe that we should do something special in the days and weeks before to help a broader audience know about and remember those Nisei soldiers and the many others who have given all they had to keep us safe.  I’ve asked Vice Commander Yaguchi to head up our planning committee.  If you can help, please contact him or me directly at info@seattlenvc.org.