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Last month, Commander Hayden Mar, American Legion Cathay Post 186, asked me to provide their special guest, James T. Cook, Washington State Commander, American Legion, a tour of NVC Memorial Hall.  I discovered that Brigadier General (retired) Cook’s mother is Japanese during our conversation about the WWII Nisei soldiers who volunteered before the Nisei’s WWII draft classification changed from 4-C (Unacceptable for military service) to 1-A (Available for military service).  BG Cook was amazed by the story behind the Hall, the impressive military museum filled with artifacts and storyboards about the Nisei soldier, and the displays about the military service of other Americans of Japanese ancestry who followed in the Nisei’s footsteps.  I think we’ll see BG (ret) Cook, his colleagues, and friends in the months and years ahead!

I could not attend the 2023 NVC Foundation Mardi Gras fund-raiser, but I hear it was a smashing success!  Thank you for your support and attendance.  Past commander Dale Watanabe produced a fantastic video about the significance of the WWII Nisei soldier story and the legacy they left to future generations in the form of the NVC Memorial Hall and other resources.  Interviewed were past scholarship recipients Drew Deguchi and Danielle Hirano, past NVC Foundation president David Fukuhara, and his son, Kyle Fukuhara.  Their reflections about NVC and NVCF hits home with me, and I hope you find them equally meaningful. 

Please take a moment and view their video at HTTPS://YOUTU.BE/UDD6WAD3NTE   

Thank you to three new volunteers who answered my plea for help.  You’ll learn a bit more about them in future Newsletter editions.  A big thank you to the Mardi Gras volunteers and committee members.  A big MAHALO to those who volunteer their time to support our other programs/services. 

Finally, be kind and safe as we move further into 2023. Please remember our service members and those in the foreign service too.