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Earlier this month, we lost a longtime NVC/NVCF volunteer and community mover-and-shaker, Kerry Taniguchi.  I’ve known Kerry since I was a teenager, and I believe I first met him through the Explorer Search and Rescue (ESAR) program in the early 70s during his Course II training.  Course II consisted of cross-country navigation using only a topography map and a compass, and Course II only happened during the wettest time of the year.  You’re supposed to look miserable, but he was smiling while taking a compass shot!  I remember thinking, “This guy is a nut-case or an eternal optimist.” He was both – HA!

A tiny group of us had lunch with Kerry the day before he passed, and the below photo is one of the very few I have with him where he is looking straight into the camera.  When I returned to the Seattle area in mid-2018, Kerry was among the first I saw at NVC Memorial Hall.  Before that, we hadn’t seen each other since the late ’70s.

On behalf of the NVC, we offer our condolences and our gratitude to Kerry’s entire clan. 

Our first set of basketball renters is back.  I was on hand to greet them!

CAPTION:  (Starting at bottom left- clockwise) Mr. Gary Nakao; Kerry Taniguchi; Mike Yaguchi; Geri Lynne Egeler; Walt Tanimoto) … Photo by Walt Tanimoto.

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