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NVC has been relatively inactive since the beginning of our pandemic, but there was one event that happened in early June, 2021. An unidentified male attempted to enter our building through the air conditioning system located on our roof.

He entered the main gymnasium air duct, located on the roof, during the early morning of June 3rd and climbed into the large circular air duct which runs along the ceiling approximately 20 feet above the gym floor.  The intruder crawled about 10 feet into the gym duct and pushed open the vent cover to the gym. 

Fortunately, Walt Tanimoto was at the Hall and heard the noise in the gym.  Walt notified the police, but the intruder quickly retreated and escaped before the police arrived.  Unfortunately, he caused significant damage to our HVAC system.  It is unknown how the person was able to climb onto the roof as we have high fencing around the Hall entrance hoping to prevent unauthorized people from entering the building.

The COVID restrictions during the summer of 2021 made it very difficult to schedule repairs for our damaged air conditioning ducts.  In December, the roof HVAC system was repaired.  Early December, Mike Yaguchi, Chris Sketchley and Dale Kaku rented a mechanical lift to repair the air vent in the gym. Chris was able to maneuver the 19 ft lift into the gym and repair the damaged air duct vent in the gym ceiling. 

The NVC gym is now ready for full activity as the state COVID protocols allow.

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