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The Nisei Lunch program was once again pleased that Jim Shinbo agreed to prepare the meal for our April gathering.  I thought the menu selection for April was truly unique and we hope to do more of this type of menu in the future.  Jim’s experiences as a professional chef and his creativity are apparent in his menu selections. 

The menu for the April 7 Nisei Lunch:

  • Garden Salad with Japanese sesame dressing
  • Homemade Kasu Salmon (Salmon provided by Mutual Fish)
  • Goymase, green bean with miso sesame sauce
  • Hiyayakko, cold tofu with ginger and green onions
  • Gohan, steamed rice
  • Dessert provided by Carl Mizuta
  • Tea, Coffee, or Water

I believe the guests of the April Nisei Lunch will agree that the meal was indeed unique and very tasty, and we are looking forward to more surprises from Chef Jim in the future.

The Seattle Nisei Veterans Committee is grateful to Mutual Fish and the Yoshimura family for their years of support and generosity.  Thank you to Mutual Fish for their kind donation of the Salmon for this month’s lunch.

The Nisei Lunch program would not be what it is without the help of the volunteers.  Their dedication and support are very important and much appreciated—thank you!

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