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It’s hard to believe that the Nisei Lunch program will be starting its ninth year of serving meals.  Although the makeup of our guest list has changed over the years from serving a predominantly Nisei generation to a mix of Nisei and Sansei, our mission remains the same. We focus on serving the community and providing a program that allows our guests a place to gather once a month to share a meal with old friends and to make new friends. 

The Hawaiians call this “Talk Story”.  The Hawaiians got it right—we need to sometimes slow down and just visit with one another and interact with no “strings attached”.

As I mentioned in last month’s newsletter article, we are seeing an uptick in dine-in guests, and that is a good thing. However, I urge those of you interested in attending the Nisei Lunch in person to respond to our RSVP request as early as possible so you will have a seat at the table as space is limited.  I will be sending out email reminders a week or two ahead of time regarding the upcoming lunch   For those of you that would like to be included in this email reminder and have not attended a lunch, you can email me at kyamavet@gmail.com or text me at (206)390-1253.

Jim Shinbo (our chef extraordinaire) offered a Japanese Bento Box to usher in the new year (see photo) for the January lunch.  When Jim suggested the Bento as a meal option, I was skeptical because we had never tried this before (we had always catered out), however I think Jim and his crew of volunteers “nailed it”.  The Bento was delicious!

We catered out part of the Bento offering from a company that specializes in importing premium Japanese rice from Yamagata, Japan.  I have included the companies contact information and if you are interested in contacting them about purchasing their rice or if you would like to find out more about their onigiri catering program please contact: Rie Hillman at 206 495-7682 or visit their website: www.greatriceus.com.

The January lunch had the honor of acknowledging a special birthday for one of our long-time guests, Sue Uriyu.  Sue celebrated her 100th birthday.  Her friend, Rose Fukano brought this to our attention, and we gladly obliged by celebrating this occasion with a musical rendition of “Happy Birthday” and a special treat or two to mark this special milestone.