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I had the honor of helping my parents move from our long-time family home (35 years!) to Redmond last month. Quite the transition, but it was time. They had been thinking about it for a while, regularly weighing the differences between their life in Utah and a life in Washington closer to family. 2022 was their time to change – and I’m SO happy they are here.

Is it your year to make a change in your Medicare coverage? Only you can answer that, but you need to be able to weigh the differences between what you have now and what is available for 2023.

Are you curious if there are any new plan options in your service area? Medicare Advantage PPO vs HMO plans – Do you know the difference? Do you know what you have now?

From now until December 7th, Medicare members have the opportunity to make changes to their Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans for the upcoming 2023 year. This annual plan review is important to understand how your costs for medical services and prescription drugs may change. Here are some general things to remember when considering options for next year:

  • Prescription medication coverages may change — medications may no longer be covered, or the copays may be different in 2023
  • If any of your medications are a Tier 2 or higher you may be responsible for a pharmacy deductible – the maximum deductible for this will be increasing in 2023
  • Preferred vs Standard vs Mail Order Pharmacies – it is important to know who these are for your plan as there may be varying costs associated with each
  • Changing copays and Maximum Out of Pocket amounts for Medicare Advantage Plans for 2023 – make sure you know what to expect for potential out of pocket costs next year
  • Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans — carriers sent out their Annual Notice of Change booklets in September which provide you with information on the changes that will be coming for 2023, including any changes with your drug coverages.

Even if you are satisfied with what you have, a thorough review is always a good idea to ensure your current needs will be met next year.
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[NOTE: Kara is available to review Medicare plan changes and help clear up any confusion regarding Medicare health insurance options at no cost to you. As a licensed insurance agent, she can help you know your options, so that when the time is right you can make a change. For more information, or to set up an appointment, you can contact her at: Kara Mayeda, Licensed Insurance Agent, phone: 206-550-9010 email: KARA@RETIRELIVINGWELL.COM ]