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On September 10, 2022, I, George Kiuchi, 90-year-old USAF Korean War Veteran, along with 112 other veterans and members of the Honor Flight volunteers, departed Seattle for a visit to Washington, DC.

Among this group were my Brothers, Atsushi “Ats” Kiuchi (92), U.S. Army Korean War Veteran; Frank Kiuchi (80), U.S Army Viet Nam War Veteran; and Keith Yamaguchi, U. S. Army Viet Nam War Veteran as well as Past President and Board Member of Seattle Nisei Veterans Committee (NVC). We are all lifetime members of NVC whose motto is “Honoring the Past, Educating the Future.”

Of the many memories, the highlight of the trip was the World War II Memorial to honor Tom Brokaw’s “The Greatest Generation.”

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I recall some of the veterans of that Greatest Generation:

  • Akira Kanzaki, boyhood mentor and hero, killed in action in Italy
  • Shiro “Kash” Kashino, great friend and real “Rambo” type combat hero, deceased
  • George Iwasaki, true friend, deceased
  • Saburo “Sab” Tsuboi, soon to be 100 years old

On September 12, 2022, we returned to Seattle after this journey of a lifetime to honor all veterans from our humble past. Thanks to Puget Sound Honor Flight and Alaska Airlines.

P.S. If you’re a veteran, you must add this journey to your “Bucket List.” It’s free and you will never forget or regret it. More information may be found by searching for “Honor Flight” on the Internet or going to: HTTPS://WWW.HONORFLIGHT.ORG/

P.P.S. Thanks to Jim and Renee Peavey, Board Members of Puget Sound Honor Flight and retired co-workers of FAA, Air Traffic Controller System.