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Four NVC members — Allen Nakamoto, Bob Nakamura, Danny Ing, and Dale Kaku — presented the colors for the Day of Remembrance observation on the floor of the Washington State House of Representatives on February 19.  Two Boy Scouts from Seattle Betsuin Troop 252, Alexander Bertelsen and Theo Kaku, led the Legislators in the Pledge of Allegiance.

A Resolution proposed by State Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos, commemorating the signing of Executive Order 9066 in 1942, was approved by the House of Representatives during the observance of the Day of Remembrance.  Members of several Nikkei organizations viewed the events from the visitor’s gallery including Secretary of State Steve Hobbs and Japanese Consul General Makoto Iyori.

Following the House session, community members met in the Capitol building for a lunch sponsored by State Senator Bob Hasegawa and State Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos.

On Oct. 20th, the City of Seattle invited the NVC, Seattle Chapter JACL, Puyallup Valley Chapter JACL, and Densho to the City Hall chambers to receive a proclamation recognizing the Day of Remembrance.  NVC was represented by Rick Takeuchi, Danny Ing, and Dale Kaku.  Consul General Makoto Iyori and Deputy Consul General Junichi Sumi represented Japan at the ceremony.  The event was organized by Elaine Ikoma Ko.


  • photo DOR 1: Steve Hobbs, Consul General Makoto Iyori, Senior Consulate Assistant Hiro Tojo, and Dale Watanabe.
  • photo DOR 2: color guards Danny Ing, Rick Takeuchi, and Dale Kaku.
  • photo DOR City: (left) unknown person, Irene Yamamoto, Eileen Lamphere, Elaine Ko, Kyle Kinoshita, Danny Ing, Rick Takeuchi, Dale Kaku, Consul General Makoto Iyori, Deputy Consul General Junichi Sumi.