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NVC Foundation & Nisei Veterans Committee

Two organizations with the goal to preserve and honor the Japanese American legacies and to provide community programs that meet the educational, cultural and social needs of the broader community.

NVC Foundation

NVC Foundation

The NVC Foundation was established in 2005 as a 501-C-3 nonprofit organization to support the Nisei Veterans Committee (NVC) and address the dilemma of declining numbers of veterans in the NVC. It was then decided to create the NVC Foundation with broadened membership to include women, non-veterans and essentially anyone who shared the Foundation mission to continue the NVC legacy. Although tied closely to the NVC, the Foundation is a separate corporate entity with its own officers and Board of Directors.

Nisei Veterans Committee

The purpose of the Nisei Veterans Committee (NVC) is to promote and protect the American way of life as guaranteed and set forth by the Constitution of the United States; to perpetuate the historical preservation and sharing of the legacy of the NVC and to carry on the patriotic, social, charitable and educational objectives as originally formed and organized.