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The NVC traditionally participates in the Cathay Post 186’s Memorial Day Ceremony.  This year was no different, and we were delighted to receive an invitation to lay a wreath at the Chinese American Soldier Memorial in honor of those killed in action during WWII.

I opted to walk the half-mile from NVC Memorial Hall to Hing Hay Park, located in the Chinatown International District.  Walking from the Hall to the Park is sometimes a bit ‘unnerving.’  Plus, I was wearing a business suit, my mini-medals, and an NVC garrison cap, and that’s atypical attire for a late Monday afternoon around 12th and King Street.

On my walk to the Park, dozens of sidewalk dwellers rendered verbal greetings such as “Thank you for your service” or “Happy Memorial Day.”  Others nodded their heads as I walked by them.  One soul stood up, pulled his trousers a bit higher, and rendered me one of the most ghastly salutes I’ve ever received.  I snapped a salute back at him, and we both smiled.

Our sidewalk neighbors understand the significance of Memorial Day. I was surprised yet grateful that these Americans acknowledged what Monday, May 27th, was all about.  For me, it truly was a day to remember.