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The NVC and NVC Foundation scholarship committee awards three (3) Okagesama de NVC Foundation Scholarships, one (1) NVC scholarship that is funded by the family of the late Col. Jimmie Kanaya, and (1) NVC Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship.

This year, our committee was intentional in focusing on student achievement that looks beyond their academic grade point averages and broadening the applicant pool to neighboring communities outside of the NVC and Japanese American community. We did this by revisiting some dated grading criteria in the application process and reexamining the essay questions to receive responses that reflect what we truly wanted to know about students, all while keeping the integrity of the original purpose of these scholarships. Our hope was to attract young people who may experience similar successes and challenges of the Issei, Nisei, and Sansei generations, and give them an opportunity to be supported in their higher education aspirations, just as former generations have done for many of us.

We had an incredibly diverse applicant pool of many bright, talented, and driven young folks apply for these scholarships this year. It is with deep pleasure that we congratulate the five outstanding scholarship awardees of this year’s NVC and NVC Foundation Scholarship Program.

NVC Foundation Okagesama de Scholarship:
Brian Kamemoto
Hatsune “Rin” Matsudaira
Mariela Cordero

NVC Col. Jimmie Kanaya Scholarship:
Jet Yotsuuye

NVC Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship:
Mina Suzuki

I would like to thank the scholarship committee members, Mary Ann Yamaguchi, Melanie King, Shina Kashino, and Sue Beeson, as well as an additional scholarship scoring committee volunteer, Lauryn Takisaki, for their hard work in helping me organize, revise, plan, and score this year’s application process. It has been a long journey and none of this would have been possible without your support.

In addition, we would like to thank the family members of the late Col. Jimmie Kanaya for funding the NVC scholarship award for a well deserving high school senior in the greater Seattle area. We appreciate your family’s generous contribution in commemoration of your loved one.

Finally, thank you to the NVC and NVC Foundation members and extended community for your continued support in donating to the scholarship fund. This is one actionable way we will continue to be able to “Remember the Past by Educating the Future.”