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You know it’s going to be a great day for a golf tournament when a bald eagle does a flyby over the course as the golfers arrive. That’s how the day began for the 67th NVC Golf Tournament at the Foster Golf Course in Tukwila. Let’s just believe that the bald eagle signified the “Spirit” of all the Nisei Veterans of the past.

This year’s tournament had the largest turnout in recent years, 66 participants that included 16 women golfers and 10 veterans.  The weather was perfect.

The golfers were greeted and checked in by NVC Commander Mike Yaguchi and Past NVC Foundation President Geri Lynne Egeler.  This year, golfers were treated to Starbucks coffee and Krispy Kreme doughnuts handed out by the current NVC Foundation President Shawn Brinsfield. After checking in all the golfers, Geri Lynne and Mike rode around the course taking pictures, chatting with the golfers, and enjoying the day.

The tournament started with the traditional drive of a golf ball to honor and remember all the past Nisei Veterans who are no longer with us.  The honor of the drive was performed by Bryan Takeuchi Jr (BJ), a Yonsei US Air Force Veteran. After the tournament, the participants met at Vet’s Hall to enjoy a delicious rib steak dinner prepared by Terry Takeuchi (Terry’s Kitchen) and Steve Louie.

Prior to the golf awards being presented, a special presentation was made to recognize and thank Terry Takeuchi, Steve Louie, and MJ Mitoma for helping put on the NVC Golf Tournament for the past 13 years.  Each was given an NVC Challenge Coin by NVC Commander Mike Yaguchi. The NVC Veteran Perpetual Trophy was won by Bryan Takeuchi (US Marine Corp Veteran).

Special thanks to our volunteers who helped make this year’s tournament and dinner another successful event enjoyed by all: Shawn Brinsfield, Geri Lynne Egeler, Dale Kaku, Shiz Kaku, Steve Louie, MJ Mitoma, Gary Takeuchi, Rick Takeuchi, Terry Takeuchi, Jayna Umeda, and Mike Yaguchi.

KP Results:


                    Hole 9:         1st Kelly Kojima – 5’3”; 2nd Lilly Tokita – 5’4”
                    Hole 16:        1st Nina Chin – 8’9”; 2nd MJ Mitoma – 12’6”

          Men 2nd Flight:

                    Hole 9:         1st Robert Nakao – 25’; 2nd Harry Yoshihara – 26’
                    Hole 16:        1st Gary Takeuchi – 20’; 2nd Nate Okinaka – 45’11”

Men 1st Flight:

                    Hole 9:         1st Al Fukushima – 2’8”; 2nd Victor Yee – 9’ 
                   Hole 16:        1st Jeff Smith – 5’10”; 2nd Dale Kaku – 19’7”

Low Gross Results:

          Women:                  Diane Taniguchi: 86
Men 2nd Flight:        Ron Higashi: 82
Men 1st Flight:        Jay Deguchi: 69

Golf Tournament Results (Low Net):


                    1st      Lilly Tokita: 69
                    2nd      Lauree Seko: 70
                    3rd      Beth Kawahara: 70 
                    4th          Diane Taniguchi: 73
                    5th      Nina Chin: 74

Men 2nd Flight:

                    1st      Harry Yoshihara: 66
                    2nd      Ron Higashi: 68

3rd      BJ Takeuchi: 70

                    4th      Mike Hori: 70

5th      Bryan Takeuchi: 71

Men 1st Flight:

                    1st      Peter Look: 65
                    2nd         Jeff Yoshida: 66
                    3rd          Jay Deguchi: 66
                    4th          Allan Fukuyama: 67
                    5th          Craig Mayeda: 68