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The Foundation wishes to acknowledge our Mardi Gras sponsors for their very generous support and attendance at our 2023 fundraiser.  Sponsors are very important to the success of any fundraising event, and it is very gratifying to receive sponsorships from community members who have had a long association with NVC and NVC Foundation. 

The following were Mardi Gras Sponsors:

Title Sponsors:     
► Tsuchino and Michael Forrester
► Mizuta Family–Carla Mizuta and Buff Kohler, Kenneth Mizuta, and Maxine Fukuda                             
► Frank and Penny Fukui and Doug’s Lynnwood Mazda
► Concourse Concessions–David Fukuhara

Gold Sponsors:    
► Ohashi Landscape Services–David Ohashi                             
► Bainbridge Island Ace Hardware–Steve and Becky Mikami                             
► Okamoto Family–Sheila Omoto

Silver Sponsor:    
► Nishimura Family–Joy Nishimura

Bronze Sponsors: 
► Junior Nagaki and Janice Nakamura                             
► Victor “Junks” and Mary Ikeda                             
► Suyama Peterson Deguchi– Jay Deguchi                              
► Danny Sarusal and Manny Lee