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This past June, we put on our annual NVC Chow Mein Dinner with much success and support. As you may know, the Chow Mein Dinner has been a huge fundraiser for the

NVC to help fund maintenance and repairs to the NVC Memorial Hall. The members and community have generously supported our efforts — Thank You!

The day of the dinner, we had very nice weather and fairly smooth traffic on the street. Although there was a fire at the end of the street, blocked by fire trucks on Rainier Ave that stopped the flow of traffic for a few hours, hopefully not too many of you were caught there. Even with the blockage, many people were still able to pick up their chow mein and to say hello as they came through and despite the disruption, we were able to serve nearly 1,100 dinners.

Over the past few years, we have made a few changes to the dinner, such as making the dinner “drive-thru only”. This year, due to circumstances out of our control we had to make a decision on the actual food we were serving. We made a few changes such as having only one kind of chow mein and adding BBQ pork from Kau Kau Restaurant. This enabled us to have a consistent dinner with a bonus of adding the BBQ pork. I hope the change was a welcome one!

I would like to thank our volunteers for their tireless work throughout the day. Without their help, this event would not be possible. I would also like to thank Dale Kaku, Denise and Les Inaba, Susan Uyeji, and Mike Yaguchi for the help in planning this event.

Here are the volunteers who made the Chow Mein dinner successful:

Security and Traffic Control

Kevin Aratani, Mark Aratani, Dean Hoshizaki

Tsukemono Volunteers*

Annette Aratani, Kevin Aratani, Denise Inaba, Les Inaba, Wes Sagami, Nori Suguro, Cindi Kato-Yokoyama, Rick Yokoyama, Viv Yorita, Ron Yorita.
*Cabbage donated by City Produce

Chow Mein Servers and Runners, and Ticket Takers

Annette Aratani, Lauren Asaba, Michael Bayne, Sue Beeson, Shawn Brinsfield, Elaine Cho, Jay Deguchi, Ngoc Dinh, Janice Divina, Geri Lynne Egeler, Greg Egeler, Joan Hall, Art Harano, Carolyn Harano Rae Hayashi, Dean Hoshizaki, John Ikeda, Steve Ikeda, Les Inaba, Dale Kaku, Shizu Kaku, Tai Kaku, Jenifer Kimura, Betty Kobayashi, Theresa Kokame, Brenda Matsudaira, Ida Matsudaira, Shelly Matsudaira, Nadine Miyahara, Dorothy Muto-Coleman, Junior Nagaki, Gerald Quintua, Stan Shikuma, Ruth Shimano, Glen Shimooka, Cindy Shoji, John Shoji, Brandon Uttech, Hiroki Uttech, Stacy Uyeji, Susan Uyeji, MaryAnn Yamaguchi, Carla Yamashiro, Tedi Yasuda, Josh Yoon. 

We apologize to any volunteer we may have omitted on this list.