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Like last year, the weather was perfect for the 44 golfers who participated in the tournament at Foster Golf Course in Tukwila Washington.

Michael Yaguchi, NVC Commander, and Geri Lynne Egeler, NVC Foundation President, helped check the golfers in and collect the green fees.  After all the golfers were checked in, Geri Lynne drove around the course and took pictures as they golfed. She also took pictures during the Rib Steak Dinner and Award Presentations that followed the Tournament.

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The tournament started out with Bryan Takeuchi, Past NVC Commander, teeing off a ball to honor and remember all the past Nisei Veteran golfers who participated in all the past tournaments from 1955 (first tournament held) to the present.

This year, the golfers were able to enjoy their Rib Steak Dinners prepared by Steve Louie, Shiz Kaku, and Terry Takeuchi, as well as the awards presentation after the tournament, at the NVC Memorial Hall.

Women’s Flight Results: 1st: Nancy Fukuhara, 68 net; 2nd: Gaye Ishimaru, 70 net; 3rd: MJ Mitoma, 71 net; 4th: Carol Shinbo, 71 net; 5th: Lauree Seko, 72 net. 

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KP on #9: 1st: Janice Abe, 49’ 2”; 2nd: Gaye Ishimaru, 50’ 6”

KP on #16: 1st: Carol Shinbo, 28’ 3”; 2nd: Gaye Ishimaru, 31’ 5 ½”

Men’s 2nd Flight Results: 1st: Rick Takeuchi, 66 net; 2nd: Ken Yokoyama, 67 net; 3rd: Russ Akiyama, 67 net; 4th: Ted Tomita, 69 net; 5th: Bill Kawahara, 72 net.

KP on #9: 1st: Warren Higa, 20’ ½”; 2nd: Russ Akiyama, 22’ 4”

KP on #16: 1st: Ken Yokoyama, 8’ 5 ½”; 2nd: Frank Uchida, 38’

Men’s 1st Flight Results: 1st: Bill Shinbo, 65 net; 2nd: Jeff Ko, 66 net; 3rd: Greg Egeler, 71 net; 4th: Victor Yee, 72 net; 5th: Dale Kaku, 72 net.

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KP on #9: 1st: David Suguro, 29’ 5”; 2nd: None

KP on #16: 1st: Al Fukushima, 22’ 8”; 2nd: Dale Anzai, 34’ 5”

NVC Veteran Low Net for the NVC Perpetual Trophy: Rick Takeuchi, 66 net. 

For all ties, tie breakers were used to determine final placements.

Special Thanks to the volunteers who helped make the 2022 NVC Golf Tournament another safe and successful event: MJ Mitoma, Michael Yaguchi, Geri Lynne Egeler, Shiz Kaku, Victor Mizumori, Rick Takeuchi, Steve Louie, and Terry Takeuchi.

A BIG THANKS to all the golfers who participated.  See you in 2023!

2022 NVC Golf Tournament Committee

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