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Over 100 Years of History

The mission of the NVC Foundation is to preserve and honor the Japanese American legacies and to provide community programs that meet the educational, cultural and social needs of the broader community.

Support Our Mission

Consider supporting in different ways our mission to Honoring the Past and Educating the Future. You can help to honor, support, educate and ensure the Nisei Veterans legacy. Help educate future generations about Japanese American history.

NVC Foundation
NVC Foundation
NVC Foundation

Current Events

The Nisei lunch program starts its ninth year serving meals. A Community Mochi Tsuki Event Held at NVC was an exciting mochi making event. Funds needed for Seattle Betsuin Arson Restoration Fund. Scholarships are available for graduates and law students. Read these articles and more.

The NVC and NVC Foundation Scholarship Program will award five $3,000 higher education scholarships and one $2,000 scholarship in April 2024. Students may apply to multiple scholarships however, only one scholarship will be awarded per student.To apply, click above.

Join us for our combined NVC and NVC Foundation Membership-Hybrid Meeting held virtual or in-person on Friday, February 23rd from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm PT. In-person meeting is pot luck at the Memorial Hall in Seattle. To learn how to attend, click above.

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