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Over 100 Years of History

The mission of the NVC Foundation is to preserve and honor the Japanese American legacies and to provide community programs that meet the educational, cultural and social needs of the broader community.

Support Our Mission

Consider supporting in different ways our mission to Honoring the Past and Educating the Future. You can help to honor, support, educate and ensure the Nisei Veterans legacy. Help educate future generations about Japanese American history.

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NVC Foundation
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Current Events

U.S. Japan Council U40 Summit 2024 was held at the NVC Memorial Hall. Announcing the 2024 NVC & NVC Foundation Scholarship Awardees. Take time to read a few scholarship essays. The May Nisei Lunch hosts special guests. Click above to read the articles and view the many photos.

Visit our Educational Vidoes to view videos from Shane Sato's "Go For Broke Spirit" book series about stories and photographs of World War II Nisei Veterans. Also, click above to see other videos and learn about Nisei Veterans and the Japanese American experience.

Japan Fair is a free, two-day festival held on June 29 to June 30 in Bellevue about Japanese art and culture. Japan Fair is a communal endeavor of musicians, artisans, community organizations, and businesses from both Japan and the U.S. who come together to share their products, talents, and knowledge of Japan.

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